Muzică din Suedia: Vanbot – album de debut!

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Astăzi la ora 00:00 (ora Suediei) 11 piese excepționale au văzut lumina zilei mulțumită suedezilor de la Vanbot! Mai exact a solistei – Vanessa, a lui Ester Ideskog – compozitor și producător alături de Sebastian Forslund.

Probabil că va dura ceva timp până vom auzi acest album la posturile de radio mioritice.

Totuși, până descoperă ai noștri că există și altă muzică în afară de dejecțiile muzicale difuzate pe repeat, ascultați albumul Vanbot pentru a vă convinge de calitatea lui și pentru a fi cu un pas înaintea tuturor!

NU UITAȚI! Prima dată în România a fost aici! 😉

Pentru mai multe detalii despre album, vizitați site-ul oficial Vanbot.

I´m  proud to give you my debut album VANBOT which is digitally released today April the 15th 2011. This is a big day for me.

We´ve been working really hard to make the album a complete experiance from the first track Ringing, all the way to the final explosion in Safe by the numbers.

The songs have been written during many bi-cycle rides in Stockholm while some just had to be done when I played some specific synthesizers that I loved (Ringing). One song woke me up in the middle of the night and made me find that chorus. I quickly had to record it on my cell half asleep (Numb). Some songs felt like they just waited for me to write. All it took was 15 minutes to find them (Lost Without YouBy The Side Of This Road).

I learned so much from Sebastian Forslund during my early stages of recording. One early sample became a short but deep melody (Well Done Girl). Two songs are old friends of mine that I´ve carried with me for a while. After a number of mixes Sebastian had chased down the nerve we´re always after (Safe By The NumbersBitter Is The Sweetest Part).

Two of the songs started as me going wild on some synth riffs, but became battle songs for this entire album to help me stay focused (Make Me, Break Me, Tired).

One song started as bare bone material written a sad, rainy day a few years ago. The vocals were recorded very unpretentious one late night in the studio and gave the nerve to it. However it didn´t feel quite ready until lately when featured by Sebastian. (Bad Day).

The album is released on my own label Lisch Recordings. Lisch is a dear place where we´ve done a lot of work for this album. The streets in Lisch are narrow but somehow crowded so when I got an idea I had to record  it very quietly on my cell not to look like a complete idiot (Maybe).

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